Organic Bites in the News

Miami Herald, November 7, 2015

Everything Organic - Miami Herald Article, Nov 7, 2015 The front page of the Miami Herald's section "C" features the Organic Bites restaurant, a "mom-and-pop" eatery featuring an organic menu for omnivores and vegans alike. The owner, Andre Reid, sees organic as a growing trend in the market. The gourmet food here is reasonably priced and no more expensive than many corporate restaurant chains.

As more people desire food without traces of pesticides and other chemicals, we hope to see more restaurants like Organic Bites in South Florida. To learn more, visit Organic Bites on the web.

raw organic menu at Hiro's

Welcome to Rawganics

Some years back, there was a very popular Japanese restaurant in North Miami, Florida. I approached my friends, the owners, and after some serious and repetitive entreating we began entree trials. It was agreed we would have a couple of completely raw, organic vegan plates and a couple of raw, organic plates with the most popular fish. There were dozens of trial dishes and we finally chose four which were served on a special menu given to every customer in the crowded eatery with more than 100 seats.

Rawganics supplied the organic produce, mostly from the great Global Organic Specialty Source - the best organic distributor in the Southeast USA. People drove many miles to get ORGANIC meals and I was confident that the SEPARATE REFRIGERATOR and careful, meticulous handling of every one of the ingredients meant you were getting a 100% certified organic meal.

Rawganics is looking for restaurants with an interest in adding minimally an organic side menu or converting their entire kitchen to ORGANIC. We have connections with consultants who can do any part of the organic conversion at any eatery. Our part of this is at no charge... we are a project of Vision Earth Society, a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. The working relationship with freelance raw food chefs is all something that is directly between the restaurant and the individual.

Ask us for a price list of organic produce, we will email it to you, AND YOU WILL BE SURPRISED. If you are presently purchasing onesey twosey at a retail market, the prices from Global will be a pleasant and big surprise on the affordable side.

Why raw and organic?

Rawganics is dedicated to facilitating a high-end gourmet experience designed to please everyone... cooked/junk food consumers as well.

Repeat: this is not boring raw veggies but GOURMET MEALS.


Questions are best in emails using the Contact Form.
Fax Rawganics at 305.945.0300. Phone calls to 305.945.6789.
This is a project of the non-profit organization, Vision Earth Society

Raw Restaurants

One of the best Raw Restaurants in the country, Go Raw Cafe,
has put together this list of other Raw Restaurants around the country and around the world.
Listings give the type of menu, contact information, and web site if available.

Raw Restaurant Listings

If you know of a place where prepared raw and organic food is available and its not on this list, please tell us about it!

Examples Of Raw Food You Can Make At Home

Raw Hummus
Raw hummus made with all raw and organic ingredients, including living, sprouted chickpeas. Most hummus is made from cooked chickpeas. Raw hummus takes a little more work and some love. Prepared and photographed by Robert Giordano

Fresh Rolls
Thai fresh rolls and dipping sauce, both organic and raw. Prepared and photographed by Robert Giordano.

Energy Balls
A substitute for processed "energy bars," these high protein snacks are completely raw and organic. Sweetened with raw, organic agave, they taste as good as they look. Prepared and photographed by Robert Giordano.

Celery Soup
All raw and organic celery soup. Prepared and photographed by Robert Giordano.

Raw Chile Rellenos
These aren't quite like the Chile Rellenos you get in Mexican Restaurants but they are just as tasty. Organic bell peppers (or any other organic pepper) is filled with a spicy, raw, and organic paté. Prepared and photographed by Robert Giordano.